No. 3, 2017

BackTalk — aCCeSsions


On a bi-monthly basis, the journal’s editorial board shares a “playlist” of five links that speak to interests within and beyond the publication’s thematic.


Lynn Maliszewski

Release from Quarantine


Shehab Awad

Lessons from the internet

“Oh yes, the past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.” Rafiki


Lisa Long

Radial Systems

John Berger once said in his book About Looking (1980), memory is a situation of radial character. It is not linear, but instead a convergence of associations, processes, and stimuli, simultaneously coming together and radiating outward. Hence, memory is transformed in a moment between what was and is, between reception and transmission.


Julie Niemi

Where I have been is where you might go


Lola Martinez


At the epipelagic zone, waters elemental function appears as the most destructive nature towards hardware. Liquid materials potential deadly interactions with technologies can erode utilitarian functions: as laptops and harddrives lost to liquid damage lose all of their capabilities to retrieve and store data or act as portals to access and circulate information. Yet, could a shift, from perceptible land to intangible sea serve for a media analysis for hardwares that exist in aquatic economies of tropicality? Could a flow towards water allow for an alternative functionalization of hardwares inhabiting communities surrounded by bodies of water?