No. 3, 2017

About — aCCeSsions

aCCeSsions is the graduate student-led online journal of the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College.

The second year graduate students comprise the editorial board of aCCeSsions. Together, they employ a collaborative approach to commissioning, editing, and curating new transdisciplinary writing and artworks for online space. These new visual, text-based, and aural contributions revolve around a new theme each issue. The journal also includes a new section called “BackTalk.” Here, each individual editor will publish a compilation of links related to their trains of thought, on a bi-monthly basis.

aCCeSsions represents a culmination of each graduating class’ collaborative interests and concerns. The platform is a space in which graduate students may test the limits of curatorial practice over the course of an annual publication cycle.

Past issues of aCCeSsions are available in the “Archive” section of the website. The website and each issue of the journal has been designed by Other Means in close collaboration with each graduating class at CCS.

Editorial Board

Editors: Shehab Awad, Marta Cacciavillani, Anna Gallagher-Ross, Emer Grant, Lola Kramer, Lisa Long, Lynn Maliszewski, Lola Martinez, Julie Niemi

General Editor: Paul O’Neill

Managing Editors: Roxana Fabius, Amy Zion

Copyeditor: Robin Mackay


Bard College
NY 12504-5000


Design by Other Means