No. 1

aCCeSsions is the online journal of the Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College, New York.

aCCeSsions takes curating as a basis for expanding and transforming the disciplinary limits of existing discourses, for engaging with knowledge and practices outside of art and exhibition-making, and for the transdisciplinary investigation of what curatorial praxis could be.

aCCeSsions commissions contributions over a biannual publication cycle. Each new issue is launched with feature pieces and provocations that explore the publication cycle’s central theme. The provocations are designed to elicit a chain reaction of responses and a wider conversation, which culminates at the end of the cycle with concluding remarks from the initial provocateur. Each issue of aCCeSsions is archived at the end of the publication cycle.

Editorial Board

Xavier Acarín, Kathleen Ditzig, Amber J. Esseiva, Roxana Fabius, Lee Foley, Wang Jing, Elizabeth Larison, Robin Lynch, Park C. Myers, Natalia Zuluaga


Adriana Blidaru, Staci Bu Shea, Patricia M. Hernandez, Tim Gentles, Bhavisha Panchia, Rosario Guiraldes, Dana Kopel, Rachael Rakes


General Editor:

Paul O’Neill


Managing Editors:

Suhail Malik (2014–15), Orit Gat (2015–16)


Assistant Editors:

Victoria Ivanova (2014–15), Roxana Fabius (2015–16)


Bard College

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Design by Other Means


The Artworld Is Normal

No. 1, 2015

Guiccivuitton — aCCeSsions



For aCCeSsions #1, Guccivuitton have produced a pop-up advertisement, akin in format and pitch to those for condominium sales and high-end retail, both of which are central to Miami’s social and cultural mise en scène.

The pop-up is a reedit of an extended commercial originally produced for Guccivuitton’s 2015 exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) Miami.



GUCCIVUITTON is a gallery founded in 2013 by artists Domingo Castillo, Loriel Beltran, and Aramis Gutierrez located in the Little River district of Miami, Florida. Guccivuitton presents creative content that reflects and critiques the regional and vernacular culture of South Florida. The collective challenges notions of authorship, the traditional role of the artist, and the value accorded to institutional structures by questioning the intersections of an artist-run space and the conventional white cube.


Commissioning Editors: Patricia M. Hernandez, Natalia Zuluaga