#Burn: Fever Falls, Book 2

Dax: My job is putting out fires - PR fires, that is. Partner in one of the most prestigious PR firms in Hollywood, I've lived most of my life helping others stay in the spotlight but keeping as far away from it myself as humanly possible. Enter Jace Kruse. #HottieFirefighter is the hashtag everyone is using for the overnight Insta-star who made headlines when a pic of him with a pooch he saved from a runaway vehicle went viral. It doesn't have anything to do with my life until a major potential client shows interest in an endorsement deal with the internet sensation, and Jace becomes my ticket to stomping the ass of one of my company's fiercest competitors. Problem is: Jace isn't swayed by dreams of fame and fortune. He prefers his down-to-earth life in Fever Falls and has turned down every company who's approached him to leech off his recently acquired celebrity status. But where others have failed, I'm confident I can succeed. If there's one thing I'm good at, it's persuading. And after a few encounters with Jace, the easy-go-lucky, ever-charming, sexy-as-hell, and surprisingly #topcurious firefighter has me persuading him about more than signing on for an endorsement deal. He may be good at putting out fires, but Jace sure knows how to start them in the bedroom...and then in my heart. However, between his rising star power and the intensity of my feelings, I know where this inferno is leading, and if we don't put it out soon, someone's going to get burned. #Burn is part of the Fever Falls series but can be listened to and enjoyed as a stand-alone.

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Book Title: #Burn: Fever Falls, Book 2

Book Author: Devon McCormack,Michael Dean,Treycore Films, LLC

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